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Patient-centric solutions for pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, patient associations and insurance companies
PatientUniverse offers patient-centric solutions for healthcare enterprises. We aim at improving the way you care for your users. Together, we can build a healthier world.
This Is What We Do
PatientUniverse offers healthcare actors the following:
Participation in adherence/compliance programs
Research on the impact of lifestyle on treatment outcomes
Integration of educational materials through our platform
Inform patients about open clinical trials
Experimental drug development
PatientUniverse aims at increasing awareness about available treatments, including experimental drugs. By having patient centricity as a core value, while respecting patient privacy, our mission is to:
  • Inform patients about available clinical trials via our patient registry
  • Help patients who have questions about experimental drugs
  • Promote patient centricity in protocol design of clinical trials
  • Improve the way informed consents are offered to patients by using our trial manager
  • Facilitate patient comfort during trials by giving patients online and secure access to their trial protocol and by providing online educational content
Patient Associations
PatientUniverse is giving back. Create a community for your patient association, for free. With PatientUniverse you can:
  • Choose to have a closed or open group
  • Have the possibility to moderate conversations in your group
  • Bring your association members to a higher level of patient empowerment by providing relevant information for your community
  • Have your community available on a mobile app (coming soon)
  • Have the possibility to use your community for research purposes by activating surveys
Healthcare providers
Improve your communication and reach out through your own private community. With PatientUniverse’s empowerment tools, your users will experience better patient outcomes. Some benefits we can offer you:
  • Provide online supporting programs to your patients aiming at increasing quality of life and patient satisfaction
  • Improve your follow-up trajectories by scheduling your consultations and allow patients to get reminders
  • Optimize your home care programs by providing educational and monitoring tools
  • Perform evidence studies to understand what patient evidence works best
  • Give visibility to clinical studies in your care center
Health Insurance
PatientUniverse is also about prevention and providing its members with the best services to have a better quality of life. Prevention means a healthy lifestyle, both before, during and after a treatment
  • Empower people to maintain a healthy lifestyle and give them the tool to control their lifestyle
  • Inform your members on the importance on prevention and allow them to track their condition
  • Inform patients about additional services you provide to increase patient outcomes
  • Provide an integrative ecosystem to your members that touches every aspect of health care
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