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lucy collage

“I want everyone else to take care of Lucy so that Lucy can take...

We are honored to be featuring an interview with Lucy Kalanithi, wife of Paul Kalanithi. Dr. Paul Kalanithi, M.D. was a neurosurgeon and a writer...
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    what causes glaucoma

    What causes glaucoma?

    What Causes Glaucoma? Glaucoma is generally caused by a blockage in part of the eye. This prevents fluid from draining out of the eye and...
    Thyroid cancer

    What is thyroid cancer?

    Thyroid cancer and thyroid nodules Even though thyroid cancer is not frequently discussed, it is nevertheless important to be informed about it, considering the significant increase in...
    prostate cancer treatment side effects

    Prostate cancer treatment: consequences

    Possible consequences of prostate cancer treatment As with any major treatment, prostate cancer therapies might come with several significant side effects as a consequence of...