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Talk to patients
Get connected with other patients, survivors and caregivers. Learn from each other and become empowered.
Learn about health
Learn about health-related topics, evaluate your knowledge and share your opinions to become an empowered patient.
Manage my lifestyle
Measure your quality of life & track your evolution. Enjoy recommendations that help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.
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Search for ongoing clinical trials in your area. Use simplified searches and user-friendly guidance.
What Esperity users are saying
"As a young mother, hearing the words "you have cancer" made me worry about the future of my children and my husband. PatientUniverse helped me connect with mothers who had the same hopes and fears about their future."
Magali, Brussels (Belgium)
"I use this tool to keep track of my medication and mood. It also shows me what clinical trials are out there."
Christelle, Namur (Belgium)
"After surviving cancer, I wanted to give something back to society. I hope to help others by sharing my experiences."
Eric, San Diego (USA)
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Who can use PatientUniverse?

Anyone who is looking to lead a healthy lifestyle! At PatientUniverse we always provide educational and insightful information. We guide patients, survivors and caregivers and connect them with one another. With our empowerment programs you can:

  • Take control of your life
  • Make healthier choices
  • Maintain a high quality of life

How can PatientUniverse help me improve my quality of life?

Do you also have a feeling that people don't understand you? This is because not everyone went through the same experience as you. Based on personal experiences, Esperity was started by patients because there is a need to inform patients as much as possible to become more empowered.

It is our core belief that patients have unique experiences that can help other patients, but also other stakeholders like researchers, governmental institutes or companies to provide better services and treatments to patients.

Is my personal information protected?

PatientUniverse is HIPAA compliant. We use state of the art encryption techniques and will never sell your personal data to third parties. In other words, your data is safe! The personal data you enter is only visible to you. You can choose to share your condition with others. The rest of your data is never shared with other users on the platform.

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Our Awards And Nominations
Microsoft Innovation Center: Best Prototype Award, Advanced Bootcamp 2014
Speaker at TEDxDunkerque
Best Multilingual Poster Presentation 2014, Doctors 2.0, Paris
Featured at Health 2.0 USA & Europe
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